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Meet Tim Roper

A Leader Committed to Community and Conservative Values

Tim Roper, has dedicated his life to serving his community and upholding conservative principles. Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Utah, Tim’s journey is marked by a commitment to family, public service, and economic development.

Tim’s roots trace back to Washington Terrace, where he spent his formative years and graduated from Bonneville High School. His pursuit of higher education led him to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from the University of Phoenix, equipping him with the skills to navigate the business world.

Married for over two decades and a proud father of six, Tim’s strong family values and sense of responsibility were profoundly influenced by his grandfather, who stepped in to raise him after the untimely passing of Tim’s father at the age of 12. Witnessing his grandfather’s service on the city council during his youth inspired Tim to cultivate a desire for community involvement and instilled in him the importance of conservative values.

Tim’s public service journey began serving 5 years on the Clearfield City Planning Commission and then in December of 2016 he began his service on the Clearfield City Council were he now serves in his second term.. As a council member, he has collaborated with the Mayor and fellow Council Members to establish an efficient municipal government, emphasizing fiscal responsibility by keeping taxes low and budgeting conservatively. Tim played a pivotal role in spearheading economic development initiatives that transformed Clearfield City into a vibrant hub.

Proven Leadership

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His leadership extended to the North Davis Fire District, where Tim served as Chair. During his tenure, he navigated the transition of the paramedic program from the Davis County Sheriff, ensuring seamless operations. Tim’s commitment to public safety was particularly evident during the challenging times of the pandemic, where he worked closely with the Fire Chief to ensure the well-being of firefighters and played a key role in securing funding for a new Clearfield Fire Station at a low interest rate. As a Board Member at Wasatch Integrated, Tim focused on sustainable waste management strategies. He actively participated in creating a plan to extend the life of the landfill and strategically planned for its future transition to a transfer station.

Currently serving as the Director of Member Development at the Davis Chamber of Commerce, Tim has become a connector within the business community. His role involves working closely with businesses throughout Davis County, providing economic development opportunities, and fostering connections that enable businesses to thrive. Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim remains actively involved in community organizations, serving on the Advisory Board of PARC and the Executive Board of Open Doors. Tim Roper continues to be a driving force in Davis County, exemplifying the values of family, community, and conservative principles.