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Straight To The Target!

As your next Davis County Commissioner, I will get us straight to the target by focusing on Conservative principles along with good management and leadership skills. I will hit the ground running reviewing past budgets and policies to see where we can be more efficient. I will work with my counterparts on the commission and other elected officials to ensure the county government is connected to the people. I have had my boots on the ground in Clearfield City learning and experiencing firsthand in the city staff do and will continue to do that as County Commissioner.


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30-60-90 Day Plan

to get Davis County straight to the target

This 30-60-90 day plan aims to keep Davis County on target working to elected Davis County Commissioner into the role, focusing on key issues, relationship building, and strategic planning for the betterment of the community.

First 30 Days:

Orientation and Key Issue Identification

1. Meetings and Briefings:

– Schedule meetings with department heads and key staff to understand their roles and responsibilities.

– Work with counterparts and other elected officials to get up to speed with upcoming policy and key projects in the county.

2. Key Issue Identification:

– Analyze current county issues and prioritize them based on urgency and impact.

– Establish communication channels with community leaders and organizations to gather insights on local concerns.

3. Budget Review:

– Initiate a comprehensive review of the current budget to understand financial allocations and priorities.

– Schedule meetings with financial experts and county budget administrators for a detailed briefing.

4. Staff Engagement:

– Hold informal meetings with department heads and staff to introduce yourself and understand their perspectives.

– Communicate a commitment to open communication and collaboration.

Next 30 Days

Deep Dive and Relationship Building

1. Departmental Visits:

– Conduct site visits to key departments to observe operations firsthand.

– Establish regular check-ins with department heads to foster relationships and gain deeper insights.

2. Community Engagement:

– Attend community events and town hall meetings to connect with constituents. Be involved with the Davis Chamber of Commerce and continue to build relationships with business community

– Initiate public forums to gather feedback on key issues and community expectations.

3. Policy Analysis:

– Dive into specific policies relevant to county governance.

– Meet with policy experts and legal advisors to understand implications and potential areas for improvement.

4. Elected Officials:

– Schedule one-on-one meetings with other elected officials in the county and municipalities to build relationships.

– Identify common goals and areas of collaboration with fellow commissioners and local government leaders.

Last 30 Days

Strategic Planning and Implementation

1. Strategic Planning and Implementation

– Collaborate with department heads to identify strategic goals for the upcoming term.

– Develop a roadmap for addressing key issues identified during the initial phase.

2. Budget Proposal Preparation:

– Work with fellow county commissioners and department heads to prepare a proposed budget aligned with strategic goals.

– Communicate the budget plan to the community for transparency and gather feedback.

3. Community Engagement

– Increase visibility through social media and provide regular updates on county activities.

– Launch a communication plan to keep constituents informed about ongoing initiatives.

4. Long Term Relationship Building

– Establish ongoing communication channels with elected officials, department heads, and staff as well as Davis County Residents

– Plan regular check-ins with the community through town halls and social media.


Right on Target!